About The Prayer Flags

The prayer flag tradition believes that messages of peace and harmony are carried by the wind and touch all of creation, for the betterment of all creation.

Prayer flags are a critical part of the Dare to the Touch the Face of God project. Combined with portraits, the flags will carry hundreds the messages, blessings, prayers, and wishes of hundreds of people, binding them together and amplifying our common hopes for tolerance and peace.

The flags are made of unbleached cotton muslin. Each is hand-dyed and screen printed with an original design. After it is inscribed, each is finished with ribbon. Some edges will remain unfinished to allow the flag to fray and carry threads of peace on the wind. See some of the already inscribed Prayer Flags here.

There are many ways to participate:

  • Email me with your address. I will mail you a flag and return label. Use a permanent marker of any color to write your message to the world. Return it to me. Your flag will be combined with others. Let me know if you want a particular color.
  • Organize a prayer flag session with your group or congregation. I will send you a kit to create and display your flags. I have put together a weekend workshops that are great for teen youth groups, retreats, team-building, etc. Since the flags are part of a large art project, they are created with the understanding they will be returned to me a some point.
  • Send me your message. I'll put it on the flag for you.

There is no cost to participate. Suggested donation, $5 per flag to to help me cover the cost of postage & materials.

What should I write?

The colors represent different elements. Choose a color that is meaningful to you. Write from your heart. You can sign it or not.

What do you want the universe to know? What do you want to be better? What do you want to fix?

I have only one limitation: words of hate, intolerance or disunity will not be displayed.

Some ideas:

Blue - Sky, space Messages of tolerance, divinity, creation

White - Water Messages of life, health

Red - Fire Messages of rebirth, cleansing, warmth, healing

Green - Air Messages of life, harmony

Yellow - EarthMessages of sustenance, sharing, unity, peace

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