Join the Project

Request a prayer flag for yourself or your group

Email me atjeane@vogelpix.comwith your address, flag color preference. Or you can send me your message to have inscribed on a flag. There is no cost, but suggested $5 donation per flag is requested to help defray costs. Suggested donation for requests of 20 or more flags: $3.50 per flag.

Request information about how your group or congregation can host a Prayer Flag installation

Prayer flags are welcoming, inspiring and thought-provoking. Imagine this scene: Your group or congregation works together to cut and dye the fabric, write the messages, attach the flags by ribbons to the ropes, and installs the flags. While you do this, you are learning about this ancient practice to promote harmony. You start new conversations. You spark new ideas for action and thought. Jeane comes to you and guides you through ever step of the process.

Weekend workshops are great for teen youth groups, retreats, team-building, etc. Since the flags are part of a large art project, they are created with the understanding they will be returned to me a some point.

Donate to the project

Art is expensive! Donations help offset the costs of materials. Thank you for supporting an art response to intolerance, hate and fear-mongering. Your donation of just $5 underwrites the material cost of a flag and shipping. More supports the overall costs of the project, which are considerable! Donors of $25 or more are included on thelist of supporters.Thank you!

Request information about including your portrait in the exhibition

Yes, I want you! Portrait sessions including discussions of how you want to portray yourself. You don't have to be exotic or unusual… just earnest!

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